Minor Spectacular
Hotpoint Man - The 7th emergency service.


A true story about a man who fixes washing machines.

A forgotten town is holding out for a superhero.

Then Bosch! Terry arrives fixing washing machines and cleansing customer’s souls.

With manual in hand he gets on his soapbox, rifles through the town’s dirty laundry and exposes mucky habits. No matter how deep the stain he’s undetergent.

But is Terry the angel he seems? 

Only hapless local journalist Verity Toogood - a loveable but rubbish reporter who constantly gets it wrong - can uncover the truth about Terry and decide whether he is sent from Heaven or Hotpoint.

Critically acclaimed international comedy theatre company Plested and Brown present Minor Spectacular. A comedy fantasy that will leave you feeling great and looking better.


Directed by Amanda Wilsher

Performed by Clare Plested and Adam Brown

Written by Clare Plested, Adam Brown and Amanda Wilsher

Designed by James Lewis

Original Musical Score by Paul Herbert

Lighting Design by David Clarke and James Lewis

Sound Design by David Clarke