Hot Pursuit
Cassidy and Butler take control

Directed by Amanda Wilsher

Performed by Clare Plested and Adam Brown

Written by Clare Plested, Adam Brown and Amanda Wilsher

Designed by James Lewis

Original Musical Score by Paul Herbert


Created from an initial research and development period with Phelim McDermot (Improbable), David Sant (Peepolykus) and Toby Wilsher (Ex-Trestle).


Commissioned by South Hill Park & New Greenham Arts.

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Supported by the Arts Council



When a crime waves hits the sleepy rural village of Upper Lower Greater Middle Gobbleston PC Butler and DS Cassidy are forced into an unlikely partnership. Together, this chalk and cheese duo swing into action and are faced with a series of dangerous and dauting adventures. 'Hot Pursuit' is a slick crime thriller - an edgy tale of an odd pair who forge an intense relationship whilst solving one on the worst crime waves to hit the Home Counties.

It's time to lock your doors, secure your belongings and reach for the pepper spray . . . there's something funny going on around here - could it be Plested and Brown?!