Health and Stacey


Directed by Amanda Wilsher

Performed by Clare Plested and Adam Brown

Written by Clare Plested, Adam Brown and 
Amanda Wilsher

Designed by James Lewis

Original Musical Score by Paul Herbert

Lighting Design by Nick Flintoff

Sound Design by David Clarke


Commissioned by The Wales Millennium Centre



and supported by the Arts Council England.



Government figures show that an astonishing 250,000 people fled Britain last year. 249,999 went to New Zealand
. . . One went to the Isle of Sambuca.

Stacey - a geography teacher - quits Britain to escape the country’s fanatical adherence to Health and Safety rules.

Despite her geographical training, she finds herself in a hot and sweaty jungle, lost and unable to read a map.

Ditching the Dorothy Perkins trousers, she builds a new life able to survive anything - except the arrival of Michael - a Health and Safety officer from Hampshire County Council.

Together they embark on an epic jungle adventure, meeting other ex-pats each with their own good reason for escaping Blighty.

Critically acclaimed international comedy theatre company - Plested and Brown - present Health and Stacey. It’s an accident waiting to happen.

Stacey and Michael - You really need to fill out this risk assessment.